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Ahlvar Gallery co-founded by Frida Ahlvarsson. Ahlvar Gallery is a brand that is providing feminine everyday classics accented with a sense of attitude. The idea is to create timeless pieces that you should be able to wear day and night for a lifetime. Nothing can be more sustainable than a timeless silk blouse. A blouse you can wear day and night for a lifetime. Pieces you find yourself relying on no matter if the occasion is a late dinner or a business meeting. Look at them as long-term investment that pays off every time you are wearing them, and we promise it will be often. This is what we call sustainability and as far from mass production as you could come.

The main focus is blouses. Feminine blouses with unique seams and cuts to mess it up and to renounce from the plain, sweet and noble. Just a hint of “trompe l’oeil” (fool the eye) without to confuse, rather to enhance.
The goal is that it should feel well executed but also uncomplicated and easy to carry. A timeless collection with the perfect balance between wearable and unique.


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